• Wish List

    Gwyneth Paltrow published her Christmas wish list.  Phew!  I have been to a million stores trying to find her the perfect gift. This will make shopping much easier.  Included in her list is a quilted Yoga shirt with one strap.  Gwyneth was frustrated that she couldn’t find a single strap Yoga shirt so she teamed up with Beyond Yoga to make one.  I wish the only thing I had to worry about was whether or not my left shoulder was exposed during a downward facing dog.  Girl has a lot of time on her hands. Give me $75 and I will cut one of the sleeves off your current Yoga…

  • I’m begging you. Get well soon!

     I am the only one in my house that is NOT sick right now.   I can deal with sick kids.  I can’t deal with a sick spouse.  Does having a runny nose cause you to limp?  I may go insane if my husband doesn’t get well soon.   He whines more than my 2-year-old.  

  • What list did I get on?

    I got this email tonight in my personal account.  I like how cheerxoiliana is a little passive aggressive.  Long time no see?  Is this my fault cheerxoiliana?  Then, I learn that cheerxoiliana has launched a new career since the last time we have never met.  I can assure you I don’t want to check out your profile or pics on this adult website.  If you were really a friend cheerxoiliana we wouldn’t have to talk on your porn site.  We would be bitching about our husband and kids over coffee.