A piece of cake!

My daughter turns 4 in a few weeks. I set a date, but have yet to plan her party. With my first child I planned a grand soirée every year. He doesn’t remember a single birthday party before age 5, but I threw down a chunk of change at Chuck E. Cheese. Oh yeah, I am a high roller. I walk into the Dollar Store waving bills shouting, “I got money to spend here.” My middle child had his first birthday party with friends in kindergarten. Someday, he will vent to a therapist about how he got the shaft.

I don’t bake homemade cakes anymore either. Of course, by homemade I mean adding water, oil and eggs to boxed cake. I made a very scary Elmo cake for my first born when he turned one. It looked like Elmo had been partying all night with Molly. Here are some cakes that are even scarier.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed.com

Lightening McQueen has run out of gas. A for effort.


What kid doesn’t want a fuzzy monster sitting on his cake


Mom should separate career and family.


This girl is on fire.


Much respect to this Mom who said f-it!


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