Amish volleyball

It’s not enough that I spent another day at the amusement park.  My children didn’t go to bed until after 10 p.m.   How is that possible?  We spent eight hours outside on a sweltering day.  They played in the water.   Taking your children swimming usually means automatic alone time at night.  I feel like I ran a race, was in first place and tripped at the finish line.   

The amusement park passes were a surprise for my children.   I don’t know if you can call it a gift.  A gift has a positive connotation in most cultures.  Sending me with children to stand in long lines, spin repeatedly and wade in the water with strangers isn’t my idea of a present.   I was given a chore.   Okay, I will admit it’s not completely horrible.  I wish I could bottle the sound of my 8-year-old’s giggle when we were blasted with water on a rafting ride.  My 5-year-old daughter was grinning ear to ear as we splashed in the wave pool.   I cherish those moments.  It’s the other seven hours and 50 minutes that is exhausting.  There was something bizarre happening in the wave pool.  A man carrying a bible was walking around looking for people to save.  There was a religious retreat at the amusement park this weekend.  I was fascinated by his presence and in awe of his determination.   Preaching to people being tossed to and fro by man made waves seems challenging.  Then again, I did pray to God several times after being knocked over by teenagers.  Dear God, get these kids away from me before I hurt them.  Amen.  

That was yesterday.  So, when presented with the opportunity to spend a few hours alone today I jumped at the chance.  I dropped my children off at their grandparent’s house with a plan.  I was going to relax after running a few errands.  I had a pleasant drive to a local mall.  The sun was shining. I was drinking my favorite coffee and listening to Howard Stern on the radio.   I drove by a group of Amish men and women playing volleyball. 


There was a group of women huddled in a circle near the volleyball nets.  I can only imagine they were venting about their lackluster dresses and the fact that they still have to wear bonnets in 2015.   

I went to one store in the mall and left.  My 20-something self cannot believe it either.  I didn’t have any children tugging on my leg to leave and I left anyway.   Then, I went to the store to get milk.  One wheel on the cart was rebelling against the other three and spinning in another direction.  As I struggled to keep the cart straight one question crossed my mind.  Why am I wasting time at a grocery store when I could be doing anything I want?  Then,  I passed a few women standing in the vitamin supplement aisle and debating which probiotic is more effective.   Suddenly, my Saturday night seemed exciting.   I didn’t have to break up a single fight for several hours and can now cross ‘Watch an Amish volleyball tournament’ off my bucket list.  

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