As good as it gets

A letter to my children,

I know you think life is hard right now.  I made you brush your teeth twice in one day.  I am also the monster that wouldn’t let you stay up late on a school night to play video games, with Barbies or to watch Netflix.  I had the nerve, because I love you, to make you eat something nutritious for dinner,  denying your request to feast on cookies.

You think everything will be better when you grow up.  You can stay up as late as you want and eat junk food.  The truth is as an adult you will long for sleep and run for miles to burn calories so you don’t end up on a reality TV show called “My 600- lb life” .

You are convinced that, as an adult, you won’t have to do chores and can spend money on whatever you want.   Not only will you do chores, you will do most of them.  You will spend money.  A lot of it ….. on bills.

I wish I could tell you life is better as an adult – that you won’t have to deal with the drama of high school anymore.  That is true until you get a job.   If you thought the kid who didn’t return your text is bad – wait until you meet the co-worker who would eat their young to advance a career.

So, enjoy these carefree days.  This is as good as it gets.


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