Autism Speaks

Do you know what I hate? Well, besides the fact that Ryan Gosling isn’t laying next to me right now. (Call me.) I am disgusted by people who gawk at children and adults with developmental disabilities. It amazes me that, in the year 2013, people are still so ignorant. You obviously googled how to duck tape a broken car window, look up the word Autism.

Parents of children with Autism see the finger pointing. They can hear the laughter. Quite frankly, those neon pajama pants you wore grocery shopping stand out like a sore thumb. Their children are not misbehaving. They are not stupid. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself. (Two snaps in Z formation) Then, watch this video. The child you are staring at may understand more than you think. I am sure if he/has could speak they would tell you to brush the three teeth left in your mouth.

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