Beauty Queen

I’ve been teased and called a future “Pageant Mom.”  It has something to do with my excessive hair bow collection. I am like Imelda Marcos, but with cheap barrettes covered in ribbon.   My daughter doesn’t leave the house without a hair accessory.  I think she looks adorable.  I am not, however, a pageant mom.   I would never enter my child in a beauty contest.   Have you ever noticed that most of the mothers on Toddlers & Tiaras are unattractive? Clearly, these women are living vicariously through their children.  So, because you got hit with the ugly stick (twice) your child has to suffer.  The wigs, costumes and make-up they make their babies wear are atrocious.  I bet even Dolly Parton  wants to call the fashion police.    This spoof of the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring Tom Hanks is fantastic:

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