I think my son has said 12 words to me all week. Apparently, nothing happens at school.  Ever.   I will rephrase my questions, but get the same answers.  “Yes.”  “No.”  “I don’t know.”  When he was younger forcing him to go to his room was torture.  Now, I have to force him to come out and interact with his siblings. He talks to his father, but we don’t share the same interests.  He enjoys playing video games with his friends.  I like Ryan Gosling. He enjoys watching TV shows where the lead characters are zombies.  I like Ryan Gosling.  He would (if I allowed it) spend hours on his Ipad.  I like Ryan Gosling.  We do, however, both have a sick sense of humor and enjoy funny videos. He introduced me tonight to “EdBassMaster” on YouTube.  We watched a few of his pranks and laughed hysterically.  It was nice to spend time with my baby again.  Nothing brings a mother and son closer than watching a stranger pretend to fart on people in Times Square.  Here is another good one:



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