Boyfriend pillow 

I have made some regrettable purchases in my life.  “Lassy Legs”  didn’t replace shaving and ‘buff away unwanted hair.’  The “Perfect Fit” button didn’t extend the waistline of my pants.  It popped off and went airborne, nearly injuring a passerby.  That was a real self esteem boost.  Serves me right for thinking something purchased at the “Dollar Store” could improve my quality of life.   

I found a product that someone can purchase when they are living below ‘rock bottom.’   


It’s the “Boyfriend Pillow.”  I stumbled across this gem while looking online for decorative pillows. I recently updated the paint and furniture in our living room and it needed a pop of color.  I needed something to send my OCD into overdrive.   Who wants to be productive when you can spend time rearranging throw pillows?  I searched “yellow pillow” and the Google Gods blessed me with this item.  If your friend owns this  he/she needs a therapist or a Tinder account.  A stuffed man with half a torso and one arm shouldn’t be comforting.   It’s creepy.  I was amused by some of the product reviews over at Amazon.com :



Oh, and in case you were wondering:


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