Come on Lucky Numbers

They say “Money Can’t Buy Happiness.” Well, it can buy Botox and vacations. Besides, the jack ass that came up with that catchy inspirational phrase was probably a millionaire. If you’ve ever had an argument with your spouse over money you know having it makes a difference. I would say 99% of our disagreements are over money. So, I got my Mega Millions ticket. The jackpot is somewhere around $500 million. I wouldn’t buy a house with 10 bathrooms because I would still feel like I had to clean them all. I wouldn’t buy 7 cars, but would get a tricked out minivan. If I had that much money I would take care of my family. My father would finally be able to retire. I would also throw a kick-ass party and invite the entire school except for the little bastard that was mean to my son. Yes, I would still blog. I would just be blogging as a rich woman with a tiny bit of plastic surgery.

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