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File this under You have got to be kidding me. School officials in my town have decided to adjust report cards at the 5th grade level. They are not giving grades for two of the most important subjects: ELA and Math.  Instead, the students will get a number indicating whether or not they are “meeting expectations.”   The district sent home this letter:


“Students have worked hard and have made progress with mastering the 5th grade New York State Common Core Learning Standards in conjunction with learning various other skills aligned with these standards.”

So, is it safe to assume the 5th Grade Common Core Learning Standards are a little too difficult and children are failing miserably? When asked this question one district official admitted, “Yes, children are struggling, but…”  She went on to list other BS reasons why the school eliminated grades in two main subjects.   It seems to be a way to hide the fact that there are serious issues with the Common Core.  We have some incredible teachers in this district and I highly doubt they are to blame.  Students will get a grade for how well they play basketball or paint a self portrait, but not in mathematics and writing?  A district official says teachers have grades if the parents want to see them.  What?  If the students were acing these classes it would on the report card.   Does the district not want us to know just how bad it is?  Does the school not want to be held accountable?

“It is our opinion that children who have worked hard in class, done their homework nightly, use their agenda books and participate regularly in ELA and/or Math (as well as other subjects) should be praised.”

Is that how life works now?  You get a pat on the back just for trying?  They won’t get a 1-4 in college.  Professors don’t hand out smiley face stickers for effort.  If you don’t get a good grade you flunk out.   If you had a job in sales, but failed to sell anything would your boss say, “Thanks for showing up everyday and trying.”  No, you would fired.  I understand not wanting the children to be discouraged, but if the Common Core isn’t working it should be let go.


  • Diane Greanier

    I could not agree more! We have taken to having to get my granddaughter outside help at Slyvan because of the ‘Common Core’.

  • Rebecca Stephens

    They’ve done this with every subject where I live in Australia. It’s ridiculous and means kids have no idea where they stand in the scheme of things and doesn’t prepare them for life ahead. My boys are currently only 3 and 1 years old so I’m hoping they wake up and change the system by the time they get to school!

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