Consignment Finds

It may surprise people to know I love shopping at consignment stores. I am what some may call finicky. I refuse to dine at certain restaurants. I won’t eat baked goods if I haven’t been to your house. For all I know you let your cat lick the spoon. I am also very particular about what hotels I book. Do you know they rarely wash that top blanket?

I have found some great deals at thrift stores. I once got an amazing vintage bracelet for $1.99 and a giant bin of Thomas the Tank Engine trains for $4.99. Thrift stores are also entertaining. Some of the s*** for sale is, well, s***. Here are a few things I discovered during my last trip:


Missing Appendage Barbie. Teach your children you can still be beautiful if the dog chews off your hand.


Do you have a friend who was abandoned at an orphanage? Perhaps, they have longed to have a large family. Here is the perfect gift. It is 2 for 1. You get a frame and photograph of an actual family.


This is for sale on a virtual yard sale. People actually bid on it. I guess they assumed it was only worn for a few minutes. If the trailer is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’.


Can you believe this sucker is only three bucks? Who doesn’t want a seashell trinket box? Santa, my fingers are crossed!

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