Date night

I went out to dinner Friday night sans kids. The food at this restaurant was amazing! Plus, I didn’t have to cut up food or distract someone with broken crayons and a menu that had a worksheet on the back. I felt like a teenager again. Well, mostly because I had two giant zits on my face. I busted out the cover-up, but it created the appearance of a brown hill on my cheek. Really? I am 37-years-old and reliving the hell of puberty. Acne: check. Hormonal imbalance: check. Feeling insecure: check. The only thing I’m missing is the training bra. After three kids these suckers are in the big league. I know some shrink post labor. Sorry about your luck.

There was a man in the restaurant that made me think about those high school years. He was wearing his class ring. Unless you graduated last year or can’t get it off your finger without a saw a grown man should never wear a senior class ring. Let it go fella. I know those were your glory days. This guy was probably voted Best Looking. I don’t know who the runner-up was, but judging from what I saw at the next table a rematch is in order.

I’m opposed to man jewelry entirely. A wedding ring is okay, but a necklace? Bracelet? Earrings? Don’t email me an equal rights speech. It’s a personal preference. I prefer not to look like a 15-year-old and will call the dermatologist Monday.

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  • Janine Huldie

    We are doing a date night out tonight without the kids and can relate to the feeling you described above as being back in high school or at least in my mid-late 20’s. When you have kids a meal is always cold by the time you usually eat it and I find I never actually taste it but more inhale it, because I never truly know how long it will be until I have to actually eat said meal. So I can very much relate to your post if not just for that alone, lol!!

  • Leanne

    I agree. Men shouldn’t wear jewelry but I some times wish mine did if only because it would make Christmas and Birthday shopping so much easier.

    And a date night? Very nice. We plan those and then cancel them usually because some kid needs to be taken some where. Here’s hoping you enjoyed it!

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