Falling Slowly

There is nothing funnier than watching a baby fall asleep while sitting in an upright position. Their cute little heads bob up and down as they struggle to stay awake. It happened to my daughter tonight at the kitchen table. I giggled for a few moments before carrying my sweet princess to bed.

Actually, I take that back. There are more amusing things to watch. Take for example the time one of my co-workers, a TV news anchor, fell on her face while shooting a story. She was not a very nice person, but she played one on TV.

She did a weekly spot using a product As Seen on TV to determine whether or not it worked. During this particular shoot she was testing a dog leash. I don’t recall what the leash was supposed to do. I can tell you, as she was walking a dog, this experiment went terribly wrong. Something spooked the pup and it bolted like a bat out of hell. Ms. Anchor Lady was not paying attention. She was trying to walk and talk which was no easy task for her. Rather than let go of the leash she tightened her grip. What happened next was pure karma. That dog dragged her to the ground faster than the credit sequence on a made for TV movie.

If she was well liked her photographer would’ve deleted the blooper. Instead, he edited the tape with her fall, on a continuous loop, in slow motion. The video would have won the 10-thousand dollar prize on America’s Funniest Videos. Hopefully, it will end up on YouTube someday for the world to enjoy.

Until then, you can watch funny videos of children and pets. I recorded my dog tonight for your amusement. He isn’t a baby, but it’s still funny.

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