Find Your Greatness

I just want to hug the 12-year-old boy in this Nike commercial. His name is Nathan and he is from London, Ohio. It actually made me tear up the first time I saw it. No, I’m not the Tin Man.

It was shot in one take. Simple yet powerful. I think we can all relate to Nathan. Whether it be with our weight, career, parenting, etc. we all struggle. I don’t mean to channel Ann Curry and get all deep on you. (RIP Ann. What? She’s not dead? NBC is just sending her to Syria? Same difference.) I am rarely moved by a commercial. Hearing an obnoxious car salesman and blonde woman yell into a microphone doesn’t make me want to buy a Hyundai. I did get emotional when I saw Wendy for the first time. I thought she was just a red headed cartoon character Dave created so we would buy french fries. My kids, however, are moved by every commercial they see. “I want that.” “Can I get that?” “Let’s go to the store and buy that.” “Mommy, let’s get that.”

The ad agency behind the “Find Your Greatness” campaign is genius. Nathan is more inspiring than an obnoxious professional athlete. Unfortunately, people like Tiger Woods get paid millions to appear in ads. I doubt Nathan was paid anywhere near the salary a professional athlete would receive. Nathan told an interviewer he plans to keep running. Good for you Nathan!

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