First Charlie, Now Angus

What the hell is in the water (or the brownies) on the set of Two and a Half Men? Another cast member has gone bananas.  Angus Jones is pleading with people to stop watching the show. “Stop filling your head with filth,” he said during an interview with Forerunner Christian Church.  The 19-year-old has played Jake Harper since the show started in 2003.  Now, he wants off the show because he “doesn’t want to contribute to the enemy’s plan.”   I don’t have a problem with Harper expressing his religious beliefs. However, I don’t think Satan is using Duckie to corrupt our minds. (that is what Snookie is for)

I think Jones’ parents may be the enemy.  Only the devil would name a child after a breed of livestock.  I doubt this kid will give back the “evil” money he made from working on the series. He made $300,000 an episode.



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