G** Damn It!

I need to wash my mouth out with soap. Sure, a perfect mother would never swear in front of her kids. Does that mother have a dog that urinates on the floor moments after you took him for a walk? I may mumble a phrase or two in frustration every now and then. No, I don’t want my kids talking like truckers, but it happened. We were in the car after leaving the library. Since I imagine all the books and toys are covered with the H1N1 virus I busted out the hand sanitizer. My kids clearly need more toys because they are so amused by that stuff. My daughter laughs when the jelly-like substance slips through her fingers. Then, she gets pissed when it falls on the ground. So, she demanded more. I was driving and refused. “I want more,” she screamed. My 4-year-old son then took pleasure in telling his baby sister she couldn’t have it. My daughter lost it, “I want more God Damn it!” I was shocked. Of course, I told her it was a naughty word, but secretly I wanted to giggle.

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