Game Night

My husband had a rough game last night. He feels horrible about dropping those two passes. So, you can’t blame him for just throwing his jersey on the ground and going to bed. Perhaps, that is the mindset of an NFL wife. I doubt that though. This is going to surprise men everywhere, but women don’t enjoy picking up your clothes off the floor. I know it is confusing because we are always whistling while we work. Oh wait, that’s a fictional character who lives with dwarfs. Clean up after yourself!

My husband has never been drafted. He is an executive who came home last night and put on team apparel to play Madden 2013 with my son. My 12-year-old says the graphics are “sick.” I guess that means good. Personally, I enjoyed the animated guy without a face in Pitfall.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like to watch football. I just never saw the need to dress like a linebacker. I don’t buy these jerseys. Are you less of a fan if you wear a plain t-shirt? I figure eventually your favorite player will be cut. Then, you’re stuck wearing a shirt bearing the name of an unemployed Dad who is behind on child support payments.


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