Give me a break

After all, I have homework to complete over Spring Break. Well, it’s my son’s assignment, but he won’t be the one driving to a countless stores before finding the right supplies. He is quite artistic, but at 12 he hasn’t quite mastered the art of making ancient Greek armor. So, I will have to hover over him and help. You didn’t know that was my major in college? Because it wasn’t.

This isn’t the first vacation ruining project this teacher has bestowed upon us. We had to research The Chinese Dragon over Christmas break and make a model of a parade. Can I just enjoy a damn holiday? I finally have a week where my kids don’t have to be out the door before 8 a.m. Of course they will still wake me up at 7, but I have plenty of work of my own. There will be laundry, cleaning and cooking to be done. With all three home at once there will be more arguments in one day than on an entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Those are some feisty ladies. Plus, I know this may sound crazy, but I would actually like to force my children to spend some quality time with me. Oh, and this award winning blog doesn’t write itself. Okay, I haven’t won anything. Screw you for trying to bring me down. Regardless, I don’t want to have arguments with a tween over ancient Greek warfare. I don’t get a say in the matter. So, while his teacher gets to slip on her Birkenstocks and frolic on the beach I will be knee deep in f-ing paper mâché. Well, I’ve got news for her. This little stunt just earned her a #2 Teacher mug next year. That’s right. You just lost the top spot sister.

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