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My daughter already loves to talk on the phone. She speaks to her grandparents a million times a day. For a 2-year-old her vocabulary is incredible.  (Okay, she will be 3 in October, but whatever.  She is still smart.)  Her facial expressions are even better. Now, if she can’t call someone with my cell she will pretend to dial out with her Barbie phone. This is the conversation she had last night. Obviously, I don’t know what the person on the other line was saying because she is using a toy phone. Play along people.


“Um, yes.”

“No, don’t call the fire truck we are just having a tea party.”

(rolls eyes as if that was the dumbest thing she ever heard)

“Yes, mommy made a cake.”

“Why would you do that?”

(Puts her free hand on her hip in disgust. I have no idea where she learned how to do this.  wink, wink)

“That is rude!”

(Furrows her eyebrows. I assume her imaginary friend accused me of buying the cake at the bakery since I rarely cook, let alone bake. He/she would be right.)

“My dog is Max.”

“He peed on the floor.”

(It is important for the person on the other end of the phone to know our dog is a bastard.)

“No, it wasn’t Dora. It was Swiper.”

(Swiper gets blamed for everything. Can you really trust a girl who talks to her backpack?)

“Okay. Yep. Bring Potatoes.”

(Talking with her hands now.)

“Not carrots. Ice Cream.”

(Potatoes and Ice Cream. Sounds like a party to me!)

“Bye. See you later crocodile.”

(Clearly, she meant to say alligator. Give the girl a break. She isn’t even potty trained yet.)

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