I do

This may be the coolest marriage proposal I have ever seen.  It’s too bad she says no.   I’m kidding.  I was disappointed when the groom-to-be showed up at the end.  It was supposed to be the grand finale, but I couldn’t get past his mustache.   Come on Tom Selleck buy a Bic.   My husband tried to grow a mustache recently.  He does this every so often and looks ridiculous every time.   He won’t shave if I ask him.  Quite frankly he grows it to piss me off.   It wasn’t until my daughter said, “Get away from me mustache” that he finally shaved.   Even at 3-years-old she knows he looked creepy.  Still there is no denying the guy in this video is romantic.  Can you even imagine the planning/practice that went into making this happen.  It sure beats the proposal I got at the thruway rest stop.


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