If you like this, you will love that

I love Netflix. The original programming is brilliant. I could not live without the wide selection of children’s movies and TV shows. It is the best medicine when a kid wakes up vomiting at 3 a.m. I had to watch infomercials when I was a kid. The Shamwow doesn’t have the same calming effect. Hell, we could only watch cartoons on Saturday. You were f**ked if you overslept and would have to wait another 7 days to see Richie Rich or Heathcliff and Marmaduke. We didn’t have TVs in the car either. When my 14-year-old was a toddler we rigged a TV/VCR combo in our SUV. We were ballin’. It was attached with a bungee cord to the center console. Thank goodness we never got into a fender bender. That sucker would’ve gone flying. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? On that note, who the hell thought these movie recommendations were a good idea? Is Netflix headquarters in Colorado?


Decisions, decisions. Should the family watch a few brutal murders or some steamy lesbian love scenes together?


If you like the Cleavers then you must hate other races. Wtf?


Movies for kids 8 – 10 who are serving time at juvenile hall?


And if chess really gets your blood pumping, wait until you see “Secrets of Henry VIII’s place.”

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