In your neck of the woods

My 3-year-old daughter is a little princess. She is a princess who thinks the word “poop” is hysterical. This morning, dressed in a bright yellow Belle costume, she told a joke, “Knock. Knock.” Who’s there? “Poop” Poop who? “I poop in my pants.” She must not realize how traumatizing that can be. Perhaps she needs to have a sit down with Al Roker. The Weatherman recently admitted pooping his pants at the White House. Literally. (As we speak, Michelle is crossing him off the guest list for her next party.) The Today Show is doing a series on Al’s struggle to lose weight. I think he looks fine. How thin do you need to be to give the forecast in your neck of the woods? I’m not mocking Al’s weight loss woes. Honey, I have struggled with weight all my life. Who hasn’t? However, I don’t think we needed to hear about Al sharting near the Oval Office. TMI Al, TMI. My daughter completely disagrees. She laughed hysterically when she heard this clip. “What’s hims name,” she asked. Al. “Knock, knock.” Who’s there? “Al” Al, who? “Al poops his pants.”

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