Isn’t she lovely

Lord, help me. My 4-year-old is already arguing with me about clothes. She actually (pauses, places hand over heart and lets out an audible gasp) refused to wear a bow in her hair last week. I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. I thought I would get to play dress up well through her elementary school years. Nope. She wants to pick out her own clothes. This is what happens when I allow her to make her own decisions.


She looks like she is either desperately seeking Susan or going to prom in 1990. Of course, I praised her, applauded her fashion choices and ability to get dressed alone. I want her to express herself, but can’t she do it with crayons and paper? I just want her to look like a little girl for as long as possible.

She also likes to dress up in costume. Well, except when I want her to. She refused to wear her Cinderella dress at Walt Disney World. “I just want to me be today.” How can you argue with that? I love her.

This is her new favorite costume:


It is adorable. We play “restaurant” at least once a week. The portions are small and the bill is always hundreds of dollars. At least the plastic food doesn’t have foam on it. Why do rich people pay to eat what looks like spit? I am a middle class girl who likes to chew.

She has also worn this costume to the playground, Target, etc. It’s durable and cost less than $30. (You can buy it at Anytimecostumes.com )

My 6-year-old found it amusing “What is that outfit from, like the 90’s?” No, that would be what she wore yesterday.

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