Just Hovering Around

I have some of the smartest, funniest friends on earth.  This story comes from one of them.  Thank you Jason for making my day brighter. 

By: Jason


  • New York State Fair, Today: A man appearing to be in his 40s driving a Hoveround (a common sight at the fair) approached our booth in what appeared to be a fairly new, sleek, highly-functioning Hoveround model. Before he could put that baby in park to get his free pens and other giveaways, the Hoveround suffered what can only be described as a catastrophic mechanical failure and completely stopped moving just a few feet in front of our booth. The man attempted, unsuccessfully, to restart the doomed vehicle, which made terrible noises with each successive attempt. After realizing that all hope was lost for a restart, his wife decided it would be best to push him to the side of the busy thoroughfare and phone for help.

    My colleague and I asked if they needed any help, as they were right in front of our booth. They said, rather curtly, “No. They were calling.”

    Calling who we wondered? Does AAA have a towing service for Hoverounds or a jump-start service?

    Luckily, the Great New York State Fair brought him a new model in about 10 minutes which he promptly got into, turned the key, and then nearly ran down pedestrians as he turned the corner. Apparently, this new model had a lot more horse power than his previous one.

    All in a day’s work friends. All in a day’s work.

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