Memories like the corners of my mind

Warning: I am about to get mushy. Don’t worry. I will go back to criticizing the world tomorrow. (or later today)


My son asked me yesterday if he said “boap” instead of “boat” like his sister. He is 12. She is 2. I thought about it and realized I couldn’t remember. Perhaps there are mothers and fathers with photographic memories. I know those moments are in my head somewhere, but I can’t always recall. I know my eldest son said so many things over the years that made me laugh out loud. If I had written them down perhaps it would jog my memory. I could relive the times he called an elephant elePANT. If I could give advice to new mothers and fathers it would be to keep a journal. You don’t have to write a memoir or include stickers. Just simply jot down a line or two in a notebook. When they are little you feel like they will always be. Then, you become one of those people using the cliché “It goes by so fast.” It does, but you can cherish each moment again.

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