New Music

I usually discover new music months after it is released.  I just heard this new song, “Call Me Maybe.”  You should check it out.   I have to listen to movies play on surround sound every time I drive.  The DVD player was a key selling point when purchasing our minivan.  I imagined the kids sitting quietly watching their favorite show as I sipped on hot coffee.  Fat chance.  They argue over what they will watch and it usually ends in tears.  Mine.

Yesterday I got to drive in the car alone and listen to the radio.  I can’t tell you how happy it made me not to hear the piercing voice of  Sponge Bob Square Pants.   This song was played on a Toronto station and I wanted to rewind it.   The band is Marianas Trench.  Yeah, I’ve never heard of them either.  I am not what most teenagers would consider “cool.”  I don’t like jeans that expose my vagina or gaping holes in the back of my shirts.  Low rise?  How is that even comfortable?

The song is Fallout. The singer looks like one of the guys in the band on Disney’s “Jake & the Neverland Pirates.”   I would love to have seen the casting call for that show.  “Wanted:  two men with horrible voices that are somewhat unattractive.”  Luckily, we don’t have that show on DVD. 



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