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I may have crows feet dancing around my eyes and a kangaroo pouch, but I still got it. Evident today when I stopped to get a coffee. I pulled up to the drive thru with my hair in a ponytail and wearing my new Yoga pants. If there was something printed on my derrière it could’ve said “You know you want this.” No, really, I could probably fit each word. The only way the outfit could have been better was with a matching Scrunchie. I miss scrunchies. It allowed you to add color to the “I have given up on life” outfit. Anyway, the 20-something Barista clearly liked what he saw. After a quick conversation he returned to the window with my iced coffee, winked and said “I gave you extra caramel.” I wasn’t even wearing Spanx. He didn’t care about the car seats lining the back seat of my minivan. Or should I say “Cougar Mobile.” He was flirting right? Oh, he felt sorry for me? Either way, I enjoyed the coffee while shopping for school clothes. Since I suck at family planning I have to shop in the men’s department for my (very tall) 12-year-old and baby section for my toddler. If you have an older son go to Marshall’s. I found back to school Under Armour shirts today for $12.99. Perhaps I can use the money I saved to get Botox. I see free whip cream in my future.

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  • Alecia

    If you go to catholic school shopping much easier…..same old uniform every year…but then you would not have been served that “Great cup of Coffee” either….

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