NYC Bound

I would not describe myself as adventurous. I have no desire to jump out of a plane or climb a mountain. I have been known to drink tap water instead of bottled. Yeah, I’m a bad ass. I also enjoy traveling. Well, I did before I had kids. I had no qualms about jumping on a plane and heading out of town. As a parent it becomes a little more complicated. I have to arrange a sitter, stock the refrigerator and lay out clothes for the kids. My husband isn’t colorblind, but he tends to dress my children like clowns. Then, there is the anxiety and guilt of leaving them. Well, I am going anyway! As we speak I am sitting on a plane heading to New York City for BlogHer. It’s a huge conference of bloggers. Google it. It’s a pretty big deal.


I almost didn’t make it on this flight. My irrational fears of traveling alone nearly got the best of me. Then, last night when I went online to cancel the trip my 2-year-old daughter ran in the room and climbed on my lap. She giggled as she pounded the keys on my laptop before eventually turning it off. Maybe she was trying to tell me something. I wouldn’t want her to be afraid to take chances in life. I want her and my boys to dream big. So, I am on my way. I may hide in the bathroom stall for a while, but I will be there.


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  • Kristin

    And when did you have time to write out your cynically appropriate business cards? You don’t mention those!

    See? The speed dating brought me here. Good for something.

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