Opening Ceremonies

I woke this morning to countless posts on Facebook about The Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games. So, I watched it this morning on DVR. I may have been out last night celebrating my career move with good friends and margaritas. Mommy is a lightweight and felt tipsy after one glass. I didn’t go all “Coyote Ugly” on the bar top, but I do have a raging headache this morning. I am old.

The Queen made her acting debut as a James Bond girl. Impressive. Look out Jennifer Aniston, once your majesty figures out how to smile she will steal all your romantic comedy roles. Then, there was Mr. Bean, Paul McCartney and Harry Potter. Let’s not forget the stadium full of hospital beds. Nothing screams “Go for the Gold” like paper gowns and scratchy sheets. The director explained it was meant to represent England’s universal health care. After all, it was a celebration of all things British. I suppose that’s why they opted not to use dental chairs. I’m kidding my dear British friends. Having a full set of teeth is overrated. Overall, it was a fun, yet quirky ceremony.

I am looking forward to watching the games with my children. It’s exciting! We will be cheering the loudest for The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. Captain Abby Wambach is from my neck of the woods. In fact, I’ve watched her play locally, interviewed her and may have stalked her for a photograph at the stadium. I am already anticipating that my 2-year-old daughter will follow in Abby’s footsteps. She taught herself to dribble and punt a soccer ball before learning to #2 on the potty. It’s pretty damn impressive.

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  • John Kucko

    Sadly the Olympic movement has become an over-commercialized disgrace. Give me the purity of the 1980 Games in Lake Placid and before. Corporate America has ruined it and, in large part, has fostered a bunch of pampered and spoiled athletes who make huge money. Not all of them, but a good number. It’s just not the same!

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