Easy like Sunday morning

It is tough being a parent these days. Honestly, I think our parents had it easier. Sure, they walked 10 miles back and forth to school, barefoot and in the snow, but life was much simpler. Here are 10 reasons why :

1.) A cold was just a cold. There was no such thing as the internet. So, they couldn’t Google the symptoms and convince themselves that we had meningitis, cancer or a brain eating amoeba. They didn’t freak out and waste $35 on a co-pay at the doctor’s office to be told what they knew all along. It was just a cold.

2.) They didn’t have to listen to the annoying background music on apps. I imagine a high percentage of patients in the psych ward have children who play Minecraft.

3.) They didn’t have to worry what photos we were posting on social media or storing in a magic cloud. It took months to use every strip on a roll of film. (Click, wind, wind, wind. Click, wind, wind, wind) It took even longer to remember to take it out of the junk drawer to develop it. Our parents couldn’t upload pictures from their phones. They dropped the film off at a pharmacy. They could pick up a bottle of pills and take a stroll down memory lane.

4.) They sent us to school with pencils. They didn’t have to sell the house to afford the supplies on a list longer than John Hamm’s package.

5.) They didn’t have to come up with a theme for a birthday party or make goodie bags. We ate cake. Curse you Martha Stewart and Pinterest!

6.) They didn’t have to watch Caillou.

7.) They only had to watch cartoons one day a week. Kids had to wait until Saturday to enjoy an animated show about a clay boy and his dog.

8.) They never read a single fabricated Facebook status. They didn’t feel like a lousy parent until they visited their in-laws.

9.) Ingredients weren’t listed on food items or on menus at restaurants. Sugar and butter were delicious. The end. What you didn’t know didn’t hurt you. They fed us bologna sandwiches and chips for dinner. We washed it down with a glass of Kool-aid and nobody criticized them. (Hint: we survived)

10.) They didn’t have to schedule play dates. We just played.

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