PC Performance

I thought I was going to a Holiday concert tonight at my son’s school. We aren’t allowed to call it a Christmas concert anymore. However, I expected to hear Christmas songs. I anticipated listening to songs about Hanukah, too. At least that is what was on the playlist when I was in chorus. I still remember my solo, “Christmas means the spirit of giving, peace and joy to you…..” Yes, you read that correctly SOLO. I was chosen for “All County Chorus,” Thank you very much. That’s the best in the entire county. (Two snaps in Z formation!) I could’ve been performing in malls with Tiffany. It could’ve been so beautiful, could’ve been so right, but puberty hit. Now, my children beg me not to sing.

The Middle School chorus did not perform a single Christmas carol, nor did they sing about dreidels. Seventh and eighth graders climbed on risers to belt out songs by The Mamas and Papas, The Kiki Dee Band and a Ghanaian Folk Song. Merry F-ing Christmas! Listen, I applaud the chorale director. The kids sounded fantastic. He did a great job. I am just sick and tired of the politically correct bullshit. My 12-year-old apparently drank the kool-aid, “Mom, we can’t offend people who do not celebrate.” Oh-yeah? I want kids to sing about a bullied red nosed reindeer and how mommy is having an affair with Santa. I want to hear how a hat brought a simpleton snowman to life. I even want to dream about shoveling snow on December 25th. I know this is an issue in school districts around the country. I am not asking you to preach about Jesus, Mary or Joseph, but stop trying to be so PC. Remember, Santa is making a list and checking it twice.

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