Penny Carnival

My kids want to go to a Penny Carnival today at a local school. I’m struggling with a queasy stomach, but they will lose their minds if we stay home an entire day. Maybe I should make them read “Flowers in the Attic” so they could realize how good they have it. A Penny Carnival is where you play games to win crappy prizes that break or end up in a junk drawer. There are no pennies involved. I will end up dropping a few Jacksons. (That’s my way of trying to say $20 bills. The rich have Benjamins) The kids always want to play a game where you win dessert. The problem is I don’t know which family made the cakes. For all I know the Smith family lets their cat walk on the counters and lick the spoon. The Wilson’s may have used expired eggs. Ain’t happening. I understand the carnival benefits the school. Isn’t that why I pay taxes? In fact, I will be paying even more next year. My house assessment just went up a ridiculous amount because I planted a bush out front. If I knew that bush was worth thousands of dollars I would have sold it on Ebay. Of course, I will end up going because I live to make my children happy even if it means throwing darts at balloons when I feel like throwing up.

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