Pimp My Ride

I love when the temperature is in the 60’s. I can play with the kids outside without my nipples standing at attention or having a hot flash .  This afternoon, I took the little tikes for a ride in the wagon to the park. I felt like I was playing tug of war with the busted up sidewalks. We need Xzibit to Pimp Our Ride and get us some better wheels.</span>  <span style=”color: #000000;”>There was quite the motley crew hanging around the jungle gym today. I could have done without the kid who crapped his pants. I am not sure if this tot was in a diaper, but I know that the smell was horrific. My son kept saying “Oh my gosh! What’s that stench?” Normally I would be humiliated, but someone needed to tell this mom to get off her ass and clean her child’s ass.</span>  <span style=”color: #000000;”>I have a few other playground rules. If your child is licking snot off his upper lip then stay home. Also, don’t allow Billy to climb up the slide with his filthy velcro sneakers. My daughter happens to be wearing a cute skirt.</span>  <span style=”color: #000000;”>I realized two things today.  #1 These hips were made for birthing and not for going down curvy slides.  (I almost got stuck) #2 We should just play in our yard.</span>

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