Rhythm of the Night

My daughter is walking around today looking like El Debarge. It is my fault.

She had some dry skin on the top of her head. I used baby oil to remove “cradle cap” when she was a baby. It should still work, right? I poured the oil on her scalp and combed out the funk. I didn’t, however, consider the fact that she actually has hair now. She has a lot of hair, genius.

I shampooed it three times, but her hair still looked greasy. I could either drop her off at a Grateful Dead concert or try one more thing. If dish soap removed oil from penguins after the Cabo Virgenes spill, why couldn’t I use it on my daughter? My husband held her over the kitchen sink while I scrubbed her hair like a dirty frying pan.

Dawn Dish Detergent helped, but my daughter isn’t exactly ready to do a Pantene commercial. Her dirty blonde hair looks wet all the time. She would fit right in on the Jersey Shore. Lesson learned.

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