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It is amazing how a certain song or smell can trigger memories. In my case a bottle of soda is giving me flashbacks. I am addicted to Diet Coke. A friend once warned me that Diet Coke can get rust off pipes. Imagine what it is doing to your body. Great! I can drink it and clean the bathroom. Recently, drinking my favorite beverage brought back bad memories. This is why I have a sour taste in my mouth:


It’s not because I am being asked to share. However, after spending $1.50 on a bottle, you can bet your a** I am drinking every last drop. I can’t believe the name “Linds” is on a Coke bottle. I’ve never met a Linds in my entire 32 years (or something like that) on this earth. Spellcheck is baffled, too.


Growing up I could never find the small bicycle license plate with my name. I was just “THAT GIRL” riding down the street on a banana seat. Companies didn’t make cups or bracelets with my name either. I was the bastard child to those in the personalized merchandise industry. I resented my mother for giving me a name that wasn’t recognized. I could’ve had a personalized magnet if I were an Ashley or Erica. I bet those b**ches have a Coke can.


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