Sheet art

Who needs a coloring book when you can draw on my bed? I know there are people with linen closets stocked full of fine sheets. You won’t find that kind of supply in this house. I have one set of expensive sheets and a few more that could also sand wood. My daughter’s artwork landed on 1000 thread count. It’s like drawing on a cloud. What monster would do such a thing? It isn’t enough that she wakes me up fifty times a night? Now, I have to sleep on ink. She didn’t even use a “Bic For Her” pen. This can’t be my daughter.

She would never be a good criminal. I didn’t have to do any investigative work to find the culprit. She pointed out her drawing with pride. If she was my friend I would tell her to find another hobby. It doesn’t look like anything. Since she is my kid I have to tell her she is an amazing artist. Then I inform her, “If you draw on my sheets again Mommy will have to sell you on Craig’s List.”


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