I have become the lady who leaves a party with a ‘to go’ container. Today I actually asked, “Do you have tin foil?” Of course they didn’t. Their party was catered at a lodge. They didn’t anticipate take-out orders. In my defense the food wasn’t for me. I thought my children would enjoy the dessert. (and they did!) My husband was appalled. This is the same guy who can pass gas on command. It’s not like I stole silverware or salt and pepper shakers by hiding them in my purse. I swear, it wasn’t me! The hostess was a good friend. Her son calls me “Aunt” for goodness sake. Well, that is because I may have lied once and told hospital staff we were related so I could sit with his mother in the ER. Who hasn’t done that? Anyway, would you have passed up these tasty treats:


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