Teen train wreck

It is a tragic ending, but not a surprising one. Farrah Abraham has sold her sex tape for nearly $1 million.


I hate to admit I watched Teen Mom on MTV. It was depressing. Most of the girls on that show were delusional brats. Their baby daddy’s were complete losers. It should have been a lesson to other teens to either have safe sex or lock their knees. Instead, there was a sequel.

The 70-minute tape is reportedly titled: “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.” Clearly, Farrah and her porn star partner are not missionaries. Am I the only one who did a double take over the length of the tape? I am exhausted just typing 70 minutes? Farrah’s Mom was made out to be the bad guy on the show. Obviously, Farrah needed more discipline. I am locking my daughter in her room until she is 21.

The film is being released by Vivid Entertainment. Among the other films in Vivid’s filmography per IMDB:

Meggan Does Malibu. The entire city? Farrah’s 70 minutes seems like a piece of cake now.

Experts Guide to Threesomes
Not to be confused with Threesomes for Dummies

Broadway Brat
I am guessing the star of this one never got a call back in the Big Apple.

Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, is 4-years-old. Sure, she is too young now to realize what Mom did. She will grow up. I am guessing Sophia will learn how to access the internet. Then, she will want to know why Mommy couldn’t use the front entrance.

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