There is an App for that

I’m constantly amazed at the Apps available on the Iphone. My son wanted to purchase the Cars 2 game this morning. He was incredibly frustrated when I had to enter a password. It really is a generation of instant gratification. My children would never have the patience to listen to cassette tapes. The time it takes just to find a song would drive them crazy. Rewind. Stop. Rewind. Stop. Shit! Went to far. Fast Forward. Stop. Rewind. Play.

I learned the hard way the importance of signing out of my Apple account after making a purchase. I had received an email regarding my latest purchases. A few dozen Apps had been downloaded in a matter of 10 minutes. Among those on the list was Sexy Pasties 2. Apparently, Sexy Pasties 1 was such a hit they made a sequel. I immediately went into a rage ready to go all Lorena Bobbit on my husband. It wasn’t him. My toddler had gone down the list of top downloads in the App store and bought one after another. Nearly 50 bucks was deducted from my bank account. I am still horrified that my child purchased what amounted to soft core porn at age 2.

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