Toilet Paper Crafts

I guess my family does love me. They know I’ve been longing to make a turkey or penguin out of toilet paper rolls. I have the perfect spot on the mantel. Wait, I am 37-years-old and have no desire to make crafts. So, why is there a collection of toilet paper rolls in the bathroom closet? Well, it’s an experiment gone terribly wrong. Someone in my house changed a toilet paper roll and left the empty one on the sink. I decided to see how long it would remain there. A week later it was gone. I was shocked. Did someone actually put it in the garbage? No, silly. In order to throw it out they would have to lift the garbage can lid. Instead, they put it in the closet, rearranging toothpaste, shaving cream and Qtips to find a spot. I have been meaning to clear some of the clutter.


The toilet paper rolls started to multiply like rabbits. I didn’t say a word. Finally, my husband gleefully announced that he put another roll in the closet. He was so proud of himself. “Why in the hell would you do that?” I asked. “I thought you were saving them.” Of course, I really do need a hobby. I have so much extra time in my day. I would love nothing more than to decorate a toilet paper roll with construction paper, glitter and wiggly eyes.

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