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I wish I could have done something like this when I was in TV News. WKBT Anchor, Jennifer Livingston, went on-air to address a nasty email she received. A viewer wrote to her, criticizing her weight. I bet this guy is a real looker himself. I envision Al Bundy with a laptop. If you think Ms. Livingston is the only TV personality to receive such an email, you are sadly mistaken. These hurtful emails flow into newsrooms on a daily basis. I once had a lady write and ask me if I “let my child cut my hair.” I’m not sure if one email makes this a case of bullying. Still, kudos to Miss Livingston for calling this a-hole out.


  • Janine Huldie

    Wow, I am re-sharing this if you don’t mind on my page. Myself and a few others belong to a campaign called Enough created by Julie DeNeen and this fits right in line with all we are trying to rid the world of. Thank you for sharing this. This guy is truly a creep and total kudos to this women for sticking up for herself (although she really shouldn’t have to).

  • Karina - Mom in the USA

    I am speechless. I wonder if that same person sent that email to the agencies that hire underweight models. The weight issue goes both ways. It’s a shame that in order to do a public job like that she has to receive comments like this. That’s just mean. I wonder if a photo was enclosed with the email.

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