Underwear crisis

Have you ever had a panic attack in the Dermatologist’s office? I was waiting for my name to be called when my heart started racing. What underwear do I have on? I couldn’t remember. I was having my moles (yes, plural) checked which means you have to strip down and wear a thin paper dress.


At one point you have to stand in your skiveys in front of a stranger. I can only imagine what the doctor is thinking. This girl needs to do more crunches. Don’t let me scare you. This preventive care if much easier than having your breast squished like a pancake. Don’t even get me started on the metal tongs used during an annual gynecological exam. So, schedule an appointment and get examined.

Back to my underwear crisis…..

I don’t own any sexy bras and panties. At my age, after 14 years of marriage and three kids I am all about comfort. Foreplay is not even in my vocabulary. But, don’t you want to feel sexy? I want my underwear out of my butt crack. I was going to wear the same color bra and underwear today. Unfortunately, I was running late (again) and just threw on the first pair I grabbed. So, the doctor is about to see the complete opposite of a Victoria’s Secret ad.



Update: The moles look good & I have Rosacea! Why the exclamation point? Well, I have tried everything under the sun to clear my skin and finally have an answer (and a powerful prescription). In my mind this is going to make me look younger. A girl can dream.

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