Veteran’s Day Deals

Everyday should be Veteran’s Day, but we have chosen one to honor the brave men and women who fight for their country. The deviled egg, vinegar and clams also get a day of recognition in November.

Politicians who have vetoed bills that would benefit veterans come out of the woodwork to praise servicemen and women. They won’t give you a tax break, but you will get a pat on the back in front of TV cameras, of course. Many people don’t bother to explain to their children why they get a day off from school. Thanks to national retailers, Veteran’s Day is also about getting 25% off a Barbie doll, shaker knit sweater and gas grill.

I have a child who sacrificed precious years with his father who fought in a war. So, how can we repay a soldier who saw his friends die in front of him? The USA Today has the answer in this condescending article. Let’s break it down:


“Let’s say you’re a veteran with a lot of time on your hands…”

So, good ole Bruce thinks all veterans are unemployed and roaming the street looking for bargains.


“If you play your cards right…” So, fighting in a bloody war to take down a vicious dictator wasn’t enough? They have to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em to be rewarded for their service?

Kudos to every companies that is willing to donate something to veterans. However, some of the items listed in this article made me laugh out loud.


Sign up for a rewards card and you can have any drink you want. Men and women who volunteered to serve their country only get a small black coffee. Sorry, no latte for you. A grande or venti is going to cost più.


Oh, you thought you would be rewarded with a hot fudge sundae for trudging through the mountains in Afghanistan? I’m sorry. You only get one scoop and back away from the sprinkles.


This is my favorite! Can you imagine a platoon of soldiers in their battle dress uniform playing skee ball? I understand they could take their children, but they don’t even get a slice of frozen pizza? A trip to the salad bar? A small soda? 20 tokens = a soldier’s sacrifice. Here are a few of the prizes you can win with the tickets you earned with 20 tokens.

1.) a pack of sweet tarts
2.) a plastic ring
3.) an eraser
4.) a toy worm
5.) a rubber bracelet.

If that doesn’t get Americans to enlist nothing will.

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