What goes around

I think I was 10-years-old when I broke my Mom’s heart on Christmas.  (It sounds like the title of a country music song.)  I asked Santa for a pink Boombox.   For the youngsters out there this is the Wikipedia definition of a Boombox:

Boombox – is a colloquial expression for a portable cassette or CD player with two or more loudspeakers. Other terms known are ghetto blaster, jambox, Brixton briefcase or radio-cassette. It is a device capable of receiving  radio stations and playing recorded  music(usually cassettes or CDs), usually at relatively high volume. Many models are also capable of recording (onto cassette) from radio and (sometimes) other sources. Designed for portability, most boomboxes can be powered by batteries, as well as by line current. 

A Brixton briefcase?  I don’t think members of RUN-D.M.C. ever carried a Brixton briefcase on their shoulder.  In fact, I have never heard anyone use that term.  Are you telling me Wikipedia isn’t gospel?

It was all the rage to have a color radio.  Santa delivered, but he brought a small pink Boombox.  Now, a reasonable human being would have been happy. However, I asked for a large pink Boombox and I was a little bitch.  So, I cried and complained.  I had no concept of money or what things cost.  Fast forward to December 25, 2012  the day karma kicked my ass.  My 12-year-old son was delighted when he opened his first round of gifts.  Video games, a new Playstation 3 controller, movies, etc.  Then, he got to the clothes.  He tried to fake his excitement, “Wow.  A sweatshirt.”  “Oh, new jeans.”  “Great.  Ski pants.”   I asked him what was wrong.   He didn’t even make eye contact, “It’s just that I didn’t ask for clothes.”  Well, blame Adam and Eve.    I was disappointed that he was acting like a little s***!  I worked hard to give him a good Christmas.   I explained to him that he needs to change his attitude because there are children with far less than he.   What he didn’t know was that Santa was saving the best present for last.  He was about to unwrap an Ipad.  I was pissed for a moment until I thought about the pink Boombox.  To quote the great Justin Timberlake, “What goes around, goes around, goes around, Comes all the way back around.” 

Here is a video of a man who is nothing like my ungrateful family:   


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