What’s wrong?

It is the question that irritates me 7-10 days a month. “What’s wrong?” What is wrong? My uterus is shedding. So, forgive me for being a tad cranky. Plus, I am tired. I woke up at 2 a.m. and could not fall back asleep. Nor could I find the remote control. So, I was stuck watching an infomercial. How did we ever walk all the way to the TV to turn the channel? We had to stand and turn a knob. Those were hard times.

The infomercial was for food storage containers with attached kids. No, no, no it did not have attached kids. That was spellcheck. Those are only sold in the high end stores. The containers had attached lids.

I recorded the commercial and took a few screen grabs for you. You’re welcome.

The main character is a woman who is completely distraught because she can’t match a container to a lid. She apparently studied with the Kardashians.


Ma’am, one is a square and the other is a rectangle. This broad has bigger problems than food storage.


Oh, and she is clearly a slob. When was the last time you cleaned out that refrigerator? You have to live like a slob because you can’t find a lid? Have you ever heard of Reynold’s wrap?



She totally did that on purpose!


Well, no wonder you can’t find a lid!

I will not be buying your product. Besides, I need to save the three easy payments of $9.99 to buy Midol.

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