Where a kid can….live?

I just read a story about a child who was left at Chuckie Cheese. The parents didn’t realize she was missing until the next morning. Granted, this child is one of 11. However, they left THE BIRTHDAY GIRL behind. Nobody thought to ask the 5-year-old if she had a good time? I hover over my kids like a hawk at those places. You can’t count on the 16-year-old boy guarding the door to fend away kidnappers.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. A few months ago I forgot my son had a field trip. He was the only child without a parent accompanying him to a local farm. It was a cold, rainy Fall day and I sent him to school without boots, gloves, a hat or a lunch. I am sure this will come up in therapy when he is older. Still, it’s not as bad as losing your child in a germ infested ball pit. This mom should keep her legs crossed if she can’t keep track of her kids.

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