Who wants to go first?

There are five words you never say when there is more than one child in a room. However, my husband does it on a regular basis. It happened recently when he was measuring our children’s height on the door frame. We do it every year.
It is fun to see how much they’ve grown. The kids get a kick out of it, too. My husband grabbed a pen and shouted, “Who wants to go first?” I dropped my head, held my breath and waited for the bell to ring. It took a few seconds for the fight to begin. “Me!” “Me!” “She always goes first!” “It’s my turn!” They pushed, shoved and started crying. I gave my husband the look. They both want to go first. They always want to go first. Have you ever heard a child say, “Nah, let him go first. I will sit here and wait patiently for my turn.” You learn that lesson after kid #2. By kid #3 you should never, ever, ever make that mistake. Why would he do it time and time again? The answer is plain and simple: He is a man.



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