You Hate Me!

I overheard a mother speaking to her son as if in a confession booth. She had committed a sin this morning. I'm not speaking about her fashion choices. Apparently she parked in a loading zone. Her child, speaking like Laura Ingalls, asked "Mommy why would you do that? Now, people with broken legs won't be able to get inside." First of all, I believe he was referring to handicap parking rules. I am also disgusted when people steal these spots. However, a loading zone is free game. Technically I and lifting precious cargo into my car. This mother, nearly sobbing, apologized to her son and said, "I am so sorry. Mommy is a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater." Who says that? My son looked up at me perplexed and asked for an explanation. I told him, in my best Nellie Oleson voice, "It means she isn't smart."

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