You like that?

I think I might write a book about Facebook etiquette. There are people out there over using the “Like” button. Actually, let me start by talking about “Poking.” What the hell is wrong with you? If you stuck your finger in my ribs or back I would deck you. I definitely don’t want a person I haven’t spoken to in 10 years poking me on a social media site. The very idea of it give me the creeps. You also shouldn’t use your personal Facebook page to sell Mary Kay. Hey, like I’ve said, I know Aretha Franklin made the pink Cadillac seem so appealing. I’m not going to help you get one. I care about your deal of the day about as much as the cows my mother-in-law fed in her make believe farm. Finally, you aren’t supposed to “Like” a status that is depressing. If Susan writes: “I lost my job today” You shouldn’t like it unless you took Susan’s job from her. Do you really “Like” that Mary’s cat ran away and she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown? The worst is when someone announces their loved one died. Do you think that guy who perished in the horrific car accident appreciates the pleasure you are taking in his death? You might as well just go to the funeral and dance on the casket. Idiots.


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