You’ve Got to be F-ing Kidding me. (Said in thick Jersey Accent)

Let’s face it not everyone is meant to be a parent. You have to sacrifice a lot to be a mother. The only reason you are up past midnight is for feedings or when your child is sick. Wild parties are replaced with birthday parties where the host is a mouse and pizza is cooked on a conveyer belt.

There are women who lack the necessary motherly instincts. I’m guessing Snooki would fall into that category. Yes, there are reports that the Jersey Shore reality queen is going procreate. Listen, I don’t care that she has so much animal print in her wardrobe that she would blend in at the zoo. It doesn’t bother me that she teases her hair like I did in the 11th grade. I don’t even mind that she uses curse words. I try not to swear in front of my children, but obviously my daughter didn’t learn the phrase “Damn it!” from Elmo.

Snooki just cannot make good decisions. The girl was banned from a wine store. Will she pack the tot in a Baby Bjorn and hit the clubs? I guess her reality show will be moving from MTV to TLC. Right now Kate Gosling is frantically trying to get pregnant by a guy name Rocco.

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